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Oregon Farrier School

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NOTE: Our website has the most current and up to date info about Oregon Farrier School. Please check it out at www.oregonfarrierschool.com

We are happy to introduce two new programs that will join our existing list of offered studies. The pre-existing, Practical Farrier Program and the Professional Farrier Program have been updated and improved as well. We will no longer be offering the Master Farrier Program but have replaced it with the Advanced Farrier Program and the Internship Program. The Advanced Farrier Program and the Internship Program are two new and exciting programs that share the common goal of lengthening the education time of the modern day farrier. We recognize the demands on farriers and want to better prepare then by increasing their speed, confidence, knowledge, and experience.


Oregon Farrier School began in 2006 with the mission of producing quality farriers who will not only thrive in the trade but also be a blessing to the horse profession. Whether you want to be an everyday service provider farrier, a show horse farrier, or a competitive farrier/blacksmith, our programs are a great place to begin. All of our instructors are certified by the American Farrier’s Association (AFA), of which the head instructor, Beau Whitaker is an AFA Certified Journeyman Farrier. We teach and follow the standards and concepts held by the American Farrier’s Association. Students are trained and encouraged to go on and complete the lower and upper level certifications that the AFA offers. At Oregon Farrier School we strive for each horse to function at their maximum potential in performance, soundness, and everyday life. We believe that in doing so horse owners will enjoy long, useful lives from their equine animals.


As we dig into the farrier science, students find that the straight forward and basic principles that we break trimming and shoeing down into, make it easy for them to learn while at school and remember after graduation. These quick and inexpensive programs are designed to get students under as many horses as possible. OFS is unique amongst many farrier schools for the fact that we don’t lack in horse numbers. Our facility alone contains about 70 head of horses. In addition we have haul in horses and we travel to other facilities to familiarize students with the farrier-client relationship. Types of horses that OFS has to offer experience on are: ponies, donkeys, drafts, miniatures, thoroughbreds, Arabians, Morgans, quarter horses, paints, warm bloods, PMUs, and horses that are used for reining, cutting, roping, jumping, dressage, vaulting, pleasure, and trail.

New Programs Offered

Advanced Farrier Program

This 10-week program is for those who want to obtain advanced farrier skills, knowledge, and experience. This program goes 10 weeks beyond its prerequisite, the Professional Farrier Program, to make a total of 20 weeks. Students who enroll in the Advanced Farrier Program will dig deeper into farrier science to prepare themselves with a larger arsenal of skill and confidence to face what will come in the practice of being a professional farrier. Not only will the students in this program gain 10 more weeks of valuable experience under horses, but will also study in greater detail lameness and event or discipline shoeing. Students will gain experience in the lameness section by engaging in both therapeutic and corrective exercises on horses. The event and discipline section will cover a wide variety of shoeing on horses that compete or perform. Graded assignments include: written exams, advanced forging projects, and practical exams. Upon graduation and completion of set standards of the Advanced Farrier Program students will receive a certificate of completion. Student who obtain this certificate plus successfully complete the Internship Program will be awarded with the Advanced Farrier Certification from OFS. The final in this program is similar to the AFA Certified Farrier Exam. Graduates will have preparation necessary to take and complete the AFA Certified Farrier Exam. Graduates will also have most of the preparation to take pass the written aspect of the AFA Certified Journeyman Farrier Exam.

Internship Program

This 15-week program is for those who want to gain additional experience after completion of the Professional Farrier Program or the Advanced Farrier Program. It takes a 10-20 week experience and turns it into a 25-35 week confidence booster. In the Internship Program students will take what they learned from one of the prerequisite programs and implement it into this course. It’s a time to practice and hone skills while gaining experience. Students will meet once a week at OFS to get under as many horses as they can handle and also to complete one straight bar shoe that meets the requirements set by the AFA for their Certified Journeyman Farrier Exam minus the time requirement. Get many more horses under your belt and watch your confidence grow to a higher level.

Pre-existing Program Updates

Professional Farrier Program

This 10-week program is for those who want to find work in the farrier industry or start a farrier business. After completing this program students will leave with the education necessary to start and successfully run a farrier service business. With cutting edge methods taught, students have the advantage of an easy learning environment along with efficient and simple instruction. Graded assignments include: written exams, forging projects, and practical exams. Students will not only learn to properly shape and fit pre-manufactured shoes but will also forge and apply handmade shoes to horses. Upon graduation and completion of set standards students will be awarded with the Professional Farrier Certification from OFS. The final in this program is similar to the AFA Farrier Classification Exam. Graduates will have preparation necessary to take and complete the AFA Farrier Classification Exam. This program is also for those who want a larger knowledge base for trimming/shoeing their own horses.

Practical Farrier Program

This 2-week program is designed for those who want a better understanding of the shoeing and trimming process. The better understanding includes learning how to trim and give attention to basic shoeing necessities such as pulling a sprung shoe or replacing a missing shoe on your own horses. Another purpose of this class is for those of you who want more farrier knowledge for such things as buying horses, training horses or just having better communication skills with your farrier.


Head instructor: Beau T. Whitaker, CJF

Beau grew up in the high desert of central Oregon. There he was involved with horses since a youth. Through cowboying, rodeoing, and training he earned his respect for the equine animal. He then moved to Corvallis Or. where he studied to be an agricultural teacher at Oregon State University and received a Bachelor’s of Science degree. During his time at Oregon State University Beau also attended and graduated from Linn Benton Community College’s Farrier Science Program. He has studied under some well-respected farriers, such as Don Hook and Larry Bewley. He traveled within and out of the state of Oregon with Don Hook for two years. Beau is a Certified Journeyman Farrier by the American Farrier Association and currently runs a multi-state farrier service. He is also an active member of the American Farrier’s Association. Beau enjoys spending time with his family and being a disciple of Jesus.

Instructor: Mark Dietrich, CF

Being raised in the Willamette Valley area of Oregon, Mark found that his passion fell upon horses among the other animals in his livestock background. He has had the privilege of working in different parts of the U.S. with livestock but was drawn back to Oregon where he started his own farrier service. He has a trained eye for precision and perfection and is a craftsman under the horse and on the anvil. He is credited as being a talented horseman who understands how to relate to horses to maximize comfort for both farrier and horse. Mark is passionate about the farriery and enjoys helping others build a strong educational foundation to equip them for a successful career in the industry.

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