Farrier Work with the Older Horse

Boy resting on top of horse lying down - Farrier work with the older horse

Old age sounds terrible. Physically. Mentally, it sounds amazing because you can say whatever’s on your mind and not care what anybody thinks about it. Being around older horses suggests that our equine partners experience the exact same thing as they age. They care way less about what people think, but they do need some … Read moreFarrier Work with the Older Horse

Farrier Myths And Misconceptions

Horse hoof prints in snow - Farrier myths and misconceptions

In a field like horseshoeing, which has been around for thousands of years, there are bound to be stories that get told and retold, regardless of how true they actually are. Horsepeople generally like to rely on conventional wisdom, so in the spirit of keeping us wise, let’s bust some common myths around horse hooves … Read moreFarrier Myths And Misconceptions

Speak the Same Language: Farrier Terms Decoded

Legs of palomino horse - Speak the same language

Horse owners and clients have an amazing ability to nod along when farriers drift into technical talk precisely as if we know exactly what’s going on. It’s a good strategy for not looking like an idiot, but it’s often not the best strategy for gaining the detailed information that would help us understand and improve … Read moreSpeak the Same Language: Farrier Terms Decoded

Stretches That Will Save You

Woman doing neck stretch - Stretches that will save you

Later in life you will think back to that time last month when your client’s ornery 21 hand Draft cross explained her disinclination to wear her new painstakingly forged shoes by casually but repeatedly jerking you into the air and wrenching you into a pretzel. That night you iced and, to be honest, drank an … Read moreStretches That Will Save You

SHOWTIME!: How Farriers Help Horses Show Their Best

Young woman riding chestnut brown show horse - Showtime

We know in our brains that where equine soundness is concerned, if something’s not broke, we shouldn’t try to fix it. We shouldn’t even look at it. Where horse showing is concerned, however, that saying has a tendency to go out the window as owners and trainers try to get the most out of an … Read moreSHOWTIME!: How Farriers Help Horses Show Their Best

Tough Talk, Too: Having Difficult Conversations with Farriers

Farrier shoeing a horse - Tough talk

Last month, we brought farriers some suggestions for dealing with difficult clients. This month we’re going to look at the flip side of the equation and offer some advice for horse owners and trainers on having tough conversations with their farriers. Maybe you have a new farrier and their work isn’t quite what you expected; … Read moreTough Talk, Too: Having Difficult Conversations with Farriers

Tough Talk: Having Difficult Conversations with Clients

Chestnut brown horse with owner and black dog - Tough talk

The farrier industry largely depends on positive word of mouth and horse people are talkers, so a farrier’s livelihood is extra reliant on clients only having great things to say about her or him. That’s fine in fair weather, but things can get stormy pretty quickly when bills don’t get paid, shoes come loose, hooves … Read moreTough Talk: Having Difficult Conversations with Clients

The Long Drive Home: Things to Do on the Daily Drive

Paved, tree-lined country road - The long drive home

Spring has sprung, the nights are getting shorter and the work day is growing longer. And longer. Aaaaaand longer. Too bad so much of that day is spent behind the wheel of the truck. Driving is boring. And unproductive. You can be as crafty as you like about scheduling your clients by geographical area so … Read moreThe Long Drive Home: Things to Do on the Daily Drive

Take Good Care of Your Tools

Farrier's anvil and horseshoe - Take care of your tools

The blacksmithing and farrier trades are some of the few kinds of work left in the world that use equipment to which the words “disposable,” or “planned obsolescence” don’t seem to apply. I mean, I guess you can upgrade a knife, but only so much. The tools of your trade were built to last. That’s … Read moreTake Good Care of Your Tools