Best Horse Training DVDs / Videos

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We can all use a little extra help with our training. When you live in a remote area or don’t have access to a trailer, though, help can be hard to come by. Sought-after trainers might not have the time to venture a ways away to help a single client and while clinics are an … Read moreBest Horse Training DVDs / Videos

Best Horse Training Books – Review & Buying Guide

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Any horseperson knows that when you train horses, you never stop learning. The more you talk to and watch and listen to other trainers, the better your own training becomes. There are lots of times, though, when you won’t have the opportunity to chat with another trainer or to watch how someone else solves a … Read moreBest Horse Training Books – Review & Buying Guide

Best Horse Training Equipment – Review & Buying Guide

western saddle and tack on a horse's back

Editorial Review Tough- 1’s surcingle made our list for functionality and value. Surcingles can be quite costly, but Tough- 1 offers a solid basic model for a reasonable price. This is a good basic surcingle for everyday use. The rings for attachments are positioned well and large enough for most training aids. The neoprene lining … Read moreBest Horse Training Equipment – Review & Buying Guide

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