Ask a Farrier: Is Hoof Ointment Necessary?

Foal in field - ask a farrier if hoof ointment is necessary

Welcome to our new monthly feature, “Ask a Farrier,” a Q and A with farrier Karen McMann. Karen has been a full-time farrier for 17 years. She graduated in 2002 from the Canadian School of Horseshoeing, where she studied under Pat Cullen. She serves on the Advisory Board as a Farrier/Hoof Health Support specialist for … Read moreAsk a Farrier: Is Hoof Ointment Necessary?

Coping with Club Foot

Horseshoe for a club foot - Coping with club foot

The classic club foot is easy to spot – upright hooves, long heels, pronounced coronary band, dished hoof wall, contracted appearance. It’s not pretty, and it’s definitely less functional than a normal hoof, but with proper management techniques, club foot doesn’t have to spell the end of a horse’s athletic life. Definitions Club foot is … Read moreCoping with Club Foot

The News on Navicular

Two brown warmblood horses running - The news on navicular

Like laminitis, navicular is one of the most common and dreaded hoof conditions out there. Also like laminitis, its causes are still not fully understood, its presentation can be very different horse to horse, and its treatments are wide-ranging. Just as there’s no single cause, there’s no single way to manage it, either. But armed … Read moreThe News on Navicular

The Latest on Laminitis

Front feet of horse with laminitis - The latest on laminitis

Laminitis is still one of the most common but least understood conditions affecting horses today. It can be mild or devastating, a one-time event or a chronic nightmare, a manageable concern or a career-ending (or life-ending) tragedy. Any horse or pony can suffer from laminitis and any feet can be affected. For owners and farriers, … Read moreThe Latest on Laminitis

Upcycle Your Shoes: Get Creative with Horseshoes

Horseshoe party craft - Upcycle your shoes

You have a lot of extra horseshoes lying around. I know you do. Some of them are in great shape. Some…less so. You also have some tools and a forge and anvil to shape them with. Since shoes are such a common resource in the life of a farrier, seems a bit narrow minded to limit … Read moreUpcycle Your Shoes: Get Creative with Horseshoes

Choosing the Right Anvil for the New Farrier

Horseshoe being made with an anvil - Choosing the right anvil for the new farrier

Updated: Oct. 2, 2019 The anvil is one of the signature tools of the farrier. It will get more use and see more miles than many of your other tools, and the quality of the anvil will play a big part in the quality of your shoeing. Anvils are an investment, in more ways than … Read moreChoosing the Right Anvil for the New Farrier

Baby’s First Trim

Brown foal running in grass - Baby's first trim

Spring is about to spring! Time to start seriously thinking about babies. And by that I mean horse babies. Before you know it, they will have to stand still and you will have to trim them. And cute as they are, they are often terrible at standing still and letting people do stuff to them, … Read moreBaby’s First Trim

What To Do in the Off Season

In a way, farriers are lucky in that the farrier business is kind of seasonal, and the season when the business slows is also the coldest, darkest, crappiest season to work in. It’s nice to watch snow, sleet, rain and/or ice pellets fall from the comfort of your heated home, rather than the discomfort of … Read moreWhat To Do in the Off Season

Good Reads for Farriers

Coffee, book and blanket - Good reads for farriers

The weather outside is frightful. And none of your clients want to stand outside in it. So while you have some free time and a good reason to stay indoors with a hot beverage, crack a book and get caught up on your reading list. In case you’ve never had a list, here are a … Read moreGood Reads for Farriers

Farrier Work with the Older Horse

Boy resting on top of horse lying down - Farrier work with the older horse

Old age sounds terrible. Physically. Mentally, it sounds amazing because you can say whatever’s on your mind and not care what anybody thinks about it. Being around older horses suggests that our equine partners experience the exact same thing as they age. They care way less about what people think, but they do need some … Read moreFarrier Work with the Older Horse