Farrier History

Illustration of ancient Norman horse - Farrier history

Updated: Oct. 2, 2019 The practice of farriery is definitely a unique one within the horse industry. The farrier is expected to demonstrate a high level of skill at a number of jobs that are usually the specialties of other occupations. The farrier (well…the good farrier…) has to be a forger and a welder, a … Read moreFarrier History

Top 5 Farrier Videos Online

Man at picnic table using tablet - Top 5 farrier videos online

As a farrier, there will undoubtedly be times when you don’t have the answers; when you want to learn a skill, brush up on a skill or even teach a skill to a client. Internet videos by other professional farriers can be an efficient way to build your skill set or get another perspective on … Read moreTop 5 Farrier Videos Online

Shoeing for Different Disciplines

White horse barrel racing while being ridden by young man - Shoeing for different disciplines

Chances are in your work, you come across clients who want their horses shod for a certain discipline. Especially if you’re just starting out, it can be difficult to get a handle on all the different quirks and problems each discipline presents, and to figure out how much you should change your style to suit … Read moreShoeing for Different Disciplines

Horseshoers, farriers and blacksmiths: What’s the difference?

Farrier working on horses in cloud of dust - Horseshoers, farriers and blacksmiths

Updated: Sept. 15, 2019 My horse sprung a shoe—do I call the farrier? The blacksmith? The local horseshoer? Do they do different things or just go by different names? Like most things, the difference is in the details.  Here’s what the terms really mean. In the Oxford English Dictionary, a “horse-shoer” is: One who makes horseshoes, or … Read moreHorseshoers, farriers and blacksmiths: What’s the difference?

Blacksmith tools and supplies – a summary of costs and beginner options

If you’re looking to become a blacksmith the inevitable question of cost comes up in regards to tools, supplies and other startup necessities. So what blacksmith tools are needed to do the job? This article looks at some of the common tools and supplies blacksmiths use and lists their prices to give you an idea … Read moreBlacksmith tools and supplies – a summary of costs and beginner options

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