What To Do in the Off Season

In a way, farriers are lucky in that the farrier business is kind of seasonal, and the season when the business slows is also the coldest, darkest, crappiest season to work in. It’s nice to watch snow, sleet, rain and/or ice pellets fall from the comfort of your heated home, rather than the discomfort of … Read moreWhat To Do in the Off Season

Tough Talk: Having Difficult Conversations with Clients

Chestnut brown horse with owner and black dog - Tough talk

The farrier industry largely depends on positive word of mouth and horse people are talkers, so a farrier’s livelihood is extra reliant on clients only having great things to say about her or him. That’s fine in fair weather, but things can get stormy pretty quickly when bills don’t get paid, shoes come loose, hooves … Read moreTough Talk: Having Difficult Conversations with Clients

The Long Drive Home: Things to Do on the Daily Drive

Paved, tree-lined country road - The long drive home

Spring has sprung, the nights are getting shorter and the work day is growing longer. And longer. Aaaaaand longer. Too bad so much of that day is spent behind the wheel of the truck. Driving is boring. And unproductive. You can be as crafty as you like about scheduling your clients by geographical area so … Read moreThe Long Drive Home: Things to Do on the Daily Drive

Social Media for Farriers

Woman holding tablet and phone outdoors - Social media for farriers

Yes social media is relevant for you. Sure, maybe social media was originally designed for college students stymied by real face to face conversations and relationships, but it took the corporate world about 12 seconds to realize that they could also use it to boost their bottom lines, so now it’s standard for businesses to … Read moreSocial Media for Farriers

How to Make the Most of an Apprenticeship

Farrier putting shoes on horse - How to make the most of an apprenticeship

Apprenticeships are a farrier’s first real taste of what it’s like to work in the industry. Even if you’ve had a good hands-on education, an apprenticeship will be invaluable for applying what you’ve learned and honing your skills before you need to go out and market yourself. Since there are no regulations for farrier apprenticeships and … Read moreHow to Make the Most of an Apprenticeship

5 Ways Farriers Can Take Better Care of Their Health

People at gym using ellipticals - 5 ways farriers can take better care of their health

It’s great being your own boss until you need someone to take care of you. As a farrier, you can take as many sick days as you like – they just don’t pay like working days do. In the interests of minimizing your sick days and your health care costs, here are some things you can … Read more5 Ways Farriers Can Take Better Care of Their Health

Why to Certify: And Why Not To

U.S. Army soldier who constructed horseshoes beside some shoes - Why certify

In your work, you need to give yourself every advantage to help you create your ideal practice. At any stage of your career, you’re likely after the same things: a sane and steady client base, a solid reputation for your skills and general know-how, a strong professional network that you invest in and that helps … Read moreWhy to Certify: And Why Not To

Get Down to Business: Farrier Finances

Person doing bookkeeping on laptop with calculator - Get down to business

I know finances are boring and that you don’t want to read about them. I don’t want to write about them – finances are boring. But having enough money to live on is essential to, well, living, and while the farrier profession has the great advantage that no one’s around to boss you, it has … Read moreGet Down to Business: Farrier Finances

The Need to Network: How to Build a Client Base

Two men shake hands outdoors - The need to network

Let’s be honest – as a farrier just starting out, you could use a few more clients. Of course you could. Even if you’ve been working as a farrier for 35 years, there are times when you could probably use a couple more. The farrier business isn’t a steady one, often because of factors beyond … Read moreThe Need to Network: How to Build a Client Base

Make the Most of the First Trim

Horse getting hoof trim - Make the most of the first trim

In any business, starting a new relationship with a client is an exciting and suspenseful time. This client could be with you for the next few decades and bake cookies for you faithfully every year for the holidays, or they could be “that guy”—the crazy person who’s late, cancels all the time, questions your judgment … Read moreMake the Most of the First Trim

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