What To Do in the Off Season

In a way, farriers are lucky in that the farrier business is kind of seasonal, and the season when the business slows is also the coldest, darkest, crappiest season to work in. It’s nice to watch snow, sleet, rain and/or ice pellets fall from the comfort of your heated home, rather than the discomfort of … Read moreWhat To Do in the Off Season

Stretches That Will Save You

Woman doing neck stretch - Stretches that will save you

Later in life you will think back to that time last month when your client’s ornery 21 hand draft cross explained her disinclination to wear her new painstakingly forged shoes by casually but repeatedly jerking you into the air and wrenching you into a pretzel. That night you iced and, to be honest, drank an … Read moreStretches That Will Save You

Social Media for Farriers

Woman holding tablet and phone outdoors - Social media for farriers

Yes social media is relevant for you. Sure, maybe social media was originally designed for college students stymied by real face to face conversations and relationships, but it took the corporate world about 12 seconds to realize that they could also use it to boost their bottom lines, so now it’s standard for businesses to … Read moreSocial Media for Farriers

Continuing Ed: Keep Your Craft Honed

Farrier making horseshoe - Continuing ed

As you know from being a horseperson, there is literally no such thing as knowing too much. There are definitely times when knowing how to do things right means knowing when other people are doing things wrong, but that’s not so much a problem – it’s just a frustrating or hilarious experience, depending on the … Read moreContinuing Ed: Keep Your Craft Honed

Why to Certify: And Why Not To

U.S. Army soldier who constructed horseshoes beside some shoes - Why certify

In your work, you need to give yourself every advantage to help you create your ideal practice. At any stage of your career, you’re likely after the same things: a sane and steady client base, a solid reputation for your skills and general know-how, a strong professional network that you invest in and that helps … Read moreWhy to Certify: And Why Not To

How to make it in a career as a farrier: Q&A with Mark Plumlee

A third generation horseshoer, former rodeo cowboy, and owner/instructor of Mission Farrier School, Mark Plumlee has years of experience as a farrier and educator. As part of its farrier business tips Q&A series, The Farrier Guide asked him about his decision to become a farrier, his choice of certifications and how to make it in … Read moreHow to make it in a career as a farrier: Q&A with Mark Plumlee

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