Best Practices in Shoeing

Horseshoes hanging on nail - Best practices in shoeing

It’s not regulated. It’s not standardized. Is there a right way to shoe horses? There definitely seem to be ways to do it wrong, but answers about how to do things right seem to depend on the farrier you ask, where s/he went to school, when s/he went there, who s/he’s worked with and what … Read moreBest Practices in Shoeing

Shoeing for Different Disciplines

White horse barrel racing while being ridden by young man - Shoeing for different disciplines

Chances are in your work, you come across clients who want their horses shod for a certain discipline. Especially if you’re just starting out, it can be difficult to get a handle on all the different quirks and problems each discipline presents, and to figure out how much you should change your style to suit … Read moreShoeing for Different Disciplines

How to find the best farrier school for you

“What’s the best farrier school?” is a question that commonly comes up. Unfortunately, choosing a school is not as straightforward as picking out the best TV or computer from Best Buy since they don’t come with convenient labels ranking their attributes. Since everyone has different needs, likes and dislikes, choosing a farrier school is a … Read moreHow to find the best farrier school for you

Q&A with Bryan Farcus on farriery and hoof care basics

With more than 25 years of experience horseshoeing, teaching and riding, Bryan Farcus educates horse owners around the country through regular hoof care demonstrations and horse clinics. The Farrier Guide caught up with Farcus to ask him about the basics of hoof care and how horses and horse owners benefit from the services of a farrier. … Read moreQ&A with Bryan Farcus on farriery and hoof care basics

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