Treating Traumatic Hoof Injuries

A horse's four hooves travel through mud - Treating traumatic hoof injuries

Updated: Oct. 2, 2019 The past few blogs have looked at hoof conditions like navicular, laminitis and club foot; hoof problems thought to be the result of genetic and/or management issues. This month we’re going to turn our attention to the damages horses can do to their own feet, or each others’. Even when riding … Read moreTreating Traumatic Hoof Injuries

Coping with Club Foot

Horseshoe for a club foot - Coping with club foot

The classic club foot is easy to spot – upright hooves, long heels, pronounced coronary band, dished hoof wall, contracted appearance. It’s not pretty, and it’s definitely less functional than a normal hoof, but with proper management techniques, club foot doesn’t have to spell the end of a horse’s athletic life. Definitions Club foot is … Read moreCoping with Club Foot

The News on Navicular

Two brown warmblood horses running - The news on navicular

Like laminitis, navicular is one of the most common and dreaded hoof conditions out there. Also like laminitis, its causes are still not fully understood, its presentation can be very different horse to horse, and its treatments are wide-ranging. Just as there’s no single cause, there’s no single way to manage it, either. But armed … Read moreThe News on Navicular

Winter is Coming: Get Your Horse’s Hooves Through It

Group of horses running in winter snow - Winter is coming

You winterize your house, your truck, yourself. Your horse pretty much takes care of winterizing himself, either by growing 4 inches of thick hair that makes it impossible to ride even a small trot without him sweating through it all and needing a four hour long cool down, or by not growing a coat at … Read moreWinter is Coming: Get Your Horse’s Hooves Through It

Should You and Your Horse Boot Up?

Horse wearing boots instead of shoes - Should you and your horse boot up

If we’re totally honest, we can all admit that there are some horses out there that just, for one reason or another, can’t be conventionally shod. Either its foot crumbles at the sight of a nail, its brain crumbles at the sight of a forge and anvil, it never grows enough foot to nail anything … Read moreShould You and Your Horse Boot Up?

Advances in Veterinary Medicine

Osteopathy session with a horse - Advances in veterinary medicine

Veterinary medicine keeps coming up with the coolest stuff. This is great because as farriers and horse owners, we get to sometimes participate in cutting edge science. Vets have also been developing mind-bending solutions to horse-related problems that were once thought to be career, if not life, ending. Here’s just a glimpse of the advances veterinary science has … Read moreAdvances in Veterinary Medicine

A Quick Guide to Common Hoof Problems and Solutions

Horse hoof with cracks - A quick guide to common hoof problems and solutions

For as big and strong as our horses are, their base of support—their feet—are amazingly fragile. Good horse care basics go a long way towards making sure your horse’s feet are healthy: feeding a balanced diet, keeping hooves clean, maintaining good footing in rings and pastures and regular trims are all solid preventative measures that … Read moreA Quick Guide to Common Hoof Problems and Solutions

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