The Horse’s Hoof: 7 Major Parts and 6 Signs of Problems

Two of a horse's hoofs in snow - The horse's hoof

No Hoof, No Horse There’s a well-known saying that states, “no hoof, no horse.” As a horse owner or caregiver, being familiar with the horse’s hoof and what’s considered healthy is important. If a horse has unhealthy feet, it may not be possible for the horse to be ridden. The horse may also end up … Read moreThe Horse’s Hoof: 7 Major Parts and 6 Signs of Problems

The News on Navicular

Two brown warmblood horses running - The news on navicular

Like laminitis, navicular is one of the most common and dreaded hoof conditions out there. Also like laminitis, its causes are still not fully understood, its presentation can be very different horse to horse, and its treatments are wide-ranging. Just as there’s no single cause, there’s no single way to manage it, either. But armed … Read moreThe News on Navicular

The Latest on Laminitis

Front feet of horse with laminitis - The latest on laminitis

Laminitis is still one of the most common but least understood conditions affecting horses today. It can be mild or devastating, a one-time event or a chronic nightmare, a manageable concern or a career-ending (or life-ending) tragedy. Any horse or pony can suffer from laminitis and any feet can be affected. For owners and farriers, … Read moreThe Latest on Laminitis

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