Ask a Farrier: Do Horses Really Need Shoes?

close up of farrier rasping foot - ask a farrier - are shoes really necessary

Welcome to our monthly feature, “Ask a Farrier,” a Q and A with farrier Karen McMann. Karen has been a full-time farrier for 17 years. She graduated in 2002 from the Canadian School of Horseshoeing, where she studied under Pat Cullen. She serves on the Advisory Board of Equi-Health Canada and Equi-First Aid USA as … Read moreAsk a Farrier: Do Horses Really Need Shoes?

Farrier Myths And Misconceptions

Horse hoof prints in snow - Farrier myths and misconceptions

In a field like horseshoeing, which has been around for thousands of years, there are bound to be stories that get told and retold, regardless of how true they actually are. Horsepeople generally like to rely on conventional wisdom, so in the spirit of keeping us wise, let’s bust some common myths around horse hooves … Read moreFarrier Myths And Misconceptions

Stand Up! How to Train Your Horse to Stand for the Farrier

White horse standing and being brushed - Stand up

I am not a farrier, but my experiences with them suggests that nothing is more irritating to their existence than animals who won’t stand still and let them do their ever-loving jobs. There’s no better gift than teaching your young horse, or your older, flight-ready animal, to keep still long enough that the farrier can … Read moreStand Up! How to Train Your Horse to Stand for the Farrier

Best Practices in Shoeing

Horseshoes hanging on nail - Best practices in shoeing

It’s not regulated. It’s not standardized. Is there a right way to shoe horses? There definitely seem to be ways to do it wrong, but answers about how to do things right seem to depend on the farrier you ask, where s/he went to school, when s/he went there, who s/he’s worked with and what … Read moreBest Practices in Shoeing

Corrective Shoeing 101: The basics

Bar shoe - Corrective shoeing 101

Updated: Sept. 22, 2019 A quick Internet search on farriers, farrier schools, farrier websites and the like will demonstrate that “corrective shoeing” is a term that gets bandied about a lot. Almost every farrier says they can do it, almost every farrier school says that they teach it, and almost every farrier site has some … Read moreCorrective Shoeing 101: The basics

MODERN MATERIALS: What horseshoes are made of and why

A fairly new horseshoe against wood background - Modern materials

Updated: Oct. 2, 2019 As a concept, the horseshoe goes back thousands of years. While the first shoes used by ancient Asian and then Roman riders were made of leather, the technology developed over the centuries to include metal. By the year 1000 A.D., nailed-on cast bronze shoes were common in Europe, and by the … Read moreMODERN MATERIALS: What horseshoes are made of and why

Farrier Schools in California and the Southwest

Utah State University at night - Farrier schools in California and the Southwest

Updated: Oct. 2, 2019 The American Southwest features a variety of opportunities for people interested in making horseshoeing a career. Many universities and colleges have farrier classes built into their programs, but there are also a number of private schools that specialize in preparing students for success in the farrier business. Arizona Tucson School of Horseshoeing … Read moreFarrier Schools in California and the Southwest

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