Are you on your career path? Advice from a career intuitive

Are you on your career path? Advice from a career intuitive

Did you know that you arrived on Earth with a GPS device embedded inside you? You programmed it before you were born. It contains all the directions you’ll ever need in this lifetime. It’s designed to get you dead on target to your destined great work—the work you came here to do that uses your talents to raise the vibration of the planet in your unique way.

Even when your life feels as if it’s not moving forward, as if your career is slipping through your fingers, as if relationships you used to count on are shifting— you will move through this phase and emerge at the other end with a more powerful direction than ever before. You’re just getting a little nudge from the universe, which is
telling you it’s time to get back on path. Nudging is what’s going on when you get fired, laid off, rejected, hired, promoted, or your business goes bankrupt. You’ve been nudged!

Your life is on purpose. There are no accidents. Every event, circumstance, and relationship has been nudging you to follow your true path and do your great work— which is the only path to real success and abundance.

When your work is in alignment with your mission— you prosper—against all odds.

Before you were born your soul knew what it needed to do in order to evolve to its highest good; you knew that as you evolved you would help thousands of people around you evolve. You signed up for this human adventure in order to help all of humanity.

You understood that you could choose to live up to your fullest potential, use your energy to master circumstances, and use your talents to raise the vibration of the planet through your great work. Or you
could give in to depression, sadness, anger, fear, and desperation—and not live up to the powerful divine potential you set for yourself. It would be your choice.

You also knew that only when your work was in alignment with your true mission would you attract success and abundance— no matter how bad the economy was, how few jobs were available, or how many people told you that you would never succeed.

You signed up for this!

And now here you are. At the office party your boss announces that your company is downsizing and won’t need your services anymore; your spouse leaves you for a dancer; and your real estate and stock market investments flop.

Say, Thank you! I must have been really off my true path to get kicked this hard. Turn around and face forward. Ask yourself, What do I want my life to look like now?

Take one step in that new direction. You’ll feel better immediately. When we’ve fallen off our true path, our loved ones get fed up with us, bosses fire us, coworkers complain about us, and we stop attracting clients and customers.

If you’ve just been nudged, wake up. You’re not a victim. You’re being reminded that you need to go in a direction that’s closer to your true self, your naked self, and the divine work you came here to do. (If you don’t listen, the nudging will only get worse). We live in a world of constantly changing cycles. When you’re done with one cycle, it’s done with you. Move on, so the universe doesn’t have to kick you in the butt.

When everything is slipping through your fingers, let it go. When you’ve lost a job, let it go. Come up for air, and look around you at the big picture of your life. Ask: What did I really come here to do? (It’s always bigger, better, and more meaningful than what you’ve been doing.)

Wouldn’t it be better if the world didn’t have to nudge you (sometimes painfully) to get on path? Wouldn’t you prefer to see the road yourself and move forward through its twists and turns fearlessly—along the journey you already signed up for?

Tapping into your intuition will reveal the quiet dreams, desires, and wisdom that you’ve stuffed away to fit in— especially if you’ve spent years working in a corporate environment.

Your path is completely different from everyone else’s. Your answers only come from within you—not from
looking at what anyone else is up to. When you look at your neighbor and think, I want to do what he does for a living, you’re forgetting your own unique journey—the one you chose long ago, which is probably very different from your neighbor’s path. When you’re not living true to what you signed up for, nothing works well—from relationships to finances.

But when you’re firmly on your unique path, you feel impassioned by your life and work—no matter what anyone else is doing and no matter what anyone thinks of you. Abundance flows, and your life is in harmony.

Career intuitive Sue Frederick’s work, described as “a breath of fresh air” and “an enlightened new perspective,” has been featured in The New York Times, Yoga Journal, Natural Health, and Fit Yoga magazines. To learn more about her work, visit article was excerpted from Sue Frederick’s book I See Your Dream Job. Copyright © 2013 by Sue Frederick. If you liked this excerpt, buy the book!

image: Olivério Pires (Creative Commons BY-NC-ND)


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