Farrier Associations

Farrier Associations

Here is a list of farrier associations in the United States, Canada, UK, Ireland, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. If you know of any that are not on this list please contact us so we can add it.

United States

The American Farriers Association

In addition to its primary concerns of promoting equine welfare and providing continuing education for working farriers and the equine community, the AFA stays abreast of the equine community and acts as an advocate for farriers in relations with veterinarians, breed and sport associations, and state and federal government agencies.

  • ADDRESS: 4059 Iron Works Pkwy, Suite #1 Lexington, Kentucky 40511
  • PHONE: 859-233-7411 or 877-268-4505 (toll free)
  • EMAIL: info@americanfarriers.org
  • WEB: www.americanfarriers.org

The Guild of Professional Farriers

Our mission is to improve the Farrier Profession by developing and documenting the art and science of farriery in a Formal Body of Knowledge; providing a method of insuring that farrier education advances with the science of farriery; independently testing and certifying the knowledge and skill of farriers based upon our formal body of knowledge; ensuring that our individual members continue their education and professional development throughout their careers.

  • ADDRESS: P.O. Box 4541, Midway, KY 40347
  • PHONE: 630-707-7877 (Russ Vanderlei, RJF, President) or 910-947-9476 (Martin Kenny , RJF, Vice President)
  • WEB: www.guildfarriers.org

Brotherhood of Working Farriers Association

Our mission is to provide horse owners with professional, intelligent, and accurate information on sound shoeing by professional farriers. We promote certification for farriers and strongly advise horse owners to seek out the services of certified farriers. We are the largest farrier association in the world, with farriers, horse owners, and those interested in the safety of horses, shoeing, research, and farrier science as our members.

  • ADDRESS: 14013 East Highway 136, LaFayette, GA 30728
  • PHONE: 706-397-8047
  • EMAIL: info@bwfa.net
  • WEB: www.bwfa.net

The Equine Lameness Prevention Organization

The purpose of this organization is to offer information on subjects useful to horse owners, trainers, professional equine health care providers, and the equine community as a whole. Additional, the E.L.P.O. hopes to encourage progress within the equine industry through advanced education and scientific research. By gathering and organizing information through leading experts and research regarding lameness in horses, the E.L.P.O. is able to distribute the information to the equine industry to ultimately help treat and prevent lameness in horses.


Western Canadian Farriers Association

The WCFA strives to improve the standards within the farrier industry, defining, maintaining, and improving the quality of craftsmanship and quality of service within the profession. The WCFA serves as a vehicle of communication within the farrier industry, particularly in Western Canada. The association organizes and holds clinics, workshops, contests, and seminars, with various communities, farrier colleges, and veterinarians among those involved. A newsletter is published every three months, providing members with information about current and upcoming events and other items and articles of interest.

  • ADDRESS: P.O. Box 26, New Sarepta, Alberta, Canada T0B 3M0
  • PHONE: 780-984-1347 (Jason Wrubleski CJF, President)
  • EMAIL: info@wcfa.ca
  • WEB: www.wcfa.ca

Ontario Farriers Association

Founded in 1980, the Ontario Farrier’s Association is a non profit organization that speaks for the interests of it’s members and is a resource for the equine community reguarding hoof care. Further, the O.F.A assists farriers to improve their skills and provides a forum for the promotion and implementation of standards for quality of service in the industry. The OFA is dedicated to the principle that continuing education is needed to improve health care given to horses.

  • ADDRESS: 60 Mill Street Uxbridge, Ontario Canada L9P 1H9
  • PHONE: 519-823-8640 (Phil Robinson, President) or 519-846-0263 (Cathy Lesperance, Vice-President)
  • EMAIL: p.jrobinson@sympatico.ca or cathylesperance@bell.net
  • Website: www.ontariofarriers.com

Association des Marechaux-Ferrants du Quebec

The purpose of the Association is to make horse owners aware of the importance of good hoof trimming and shoeing, according to the requirements of each discipline, and to provide continued education or skills upgrading for farriers.


British Farriers and Blacksmiths Association

BFBA is the trade association for farriers, blacksmiths and agricultural engineers, working tirelessly for its members to support them in their craft. Whether trainee, apprentice, sole-trader or employer, BFBA helps protect the interests of the craft whilst demanding the highest standards. It does this by organizing national and regional competitions, running educational and training courses as well as working closely with other industry bodies such as the WCF, WCB, the FRC and the FTA.

  • ADDRESS: The Forge, Avenue B, 10th Street, NAC, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire CV8 2LG, UK
  • PHONE: 024 7669 6595
  • EMAIL: nafbaehq@nafbae.org
  • WEB: www.nafbae.org

The Farriers Registration Council

The mission of the Farriers Registration Council is to maintain and develop the highest standards of equine foot welfare in Great Britain by ensuring that only suitably qualified persons shoe horses, that farriers maintain and improve their professional standards and that the public are aware of the regulatory processes.

  • ADDRESS: Sefton House, 
Adam Court, Newark Road, Peterborough, UK, PE1 5PP
  • PHONE: 01733 319911
  • EMAIL: frc@farrier-reg.gov.uk
  • WEB: www.farrier-reg.gov.uk

The Worshipful Company of Farriers

The Company assists apprentices; encourages and gives prizes for shoeing competitions; examines for the Diploma that entitles farriers to statutory registration and for two higher qualifications, namely the Associateship and the Fellowship.

  • ADDRESS: 19 Queen Street, Chipperfield Kings Langley, Herts, UK WD4 9BT, UK
  • PHONE: 01923 260747
  • EMAIL: theclerk@wcf.org.uk
  • WEB: www.wcf.org.uk

Irish Master Farriers Association

The Irish Master Farriers Association was formed in the early 1970’s around the time Bord na gCapall (The Irish Horse Board) started Farriery Apprenticeships. The I.M.F.A has to date over 100 Members which also includes apprentices.


European Federation of Farriers Associations (EFFA)

The Mission of the European Federation of Farriers Associations is to improve the welfare of the horse by encouraging the highest standards of trimming and shoeing.


Erster Deutscher Hufbeschlagschmiede Verband e.V (EDHV e.V.)

EDHV does not only represent the interests of farriers in Germany and Europe, it is also provides help and advice on the welfare of horses for horse owners, equestrian clubs and others.

  • ADDRESS: Schlossbergstraße 2, 82290 Landsberied
  • PHONE: 0700 3348 3348
  • EMAIL: info@edhv.de
  • WEB:www.edhv.de


Österreichischer Hufschmiede Verband (Austrian Association of Farriers)

The Austrian Farriers Association was formed to represent the interests of the best farriers in Austria. Quickly, our activity expanded and today we are horse owners and equestrian clubs dealing with the welfare of horses.

The Netherlands

Nederlandse Vereniging van Hoefsmeden (Dutch Association of Farriers)

NVvH does training, lectures, courses and organizes competitions for farriers in The Netherlands.


Sikker hovpleje med sikker beslagsmed

  • ADDRESS: Magnoliavej 2, 5250 Odense SV
  • PHONE: 6617 3333
  • EMAIL: ds@ds-net.dk
  • WEB: www.hovpleje.dk


Suomen Kengityssepät Ry (Finland Farrier Ry)

The Association’s purpose is to act as Finland’s farrier body and raise the professionalism of its members as well asraise the appreciation for farriers.


Svenska Hovslagareforeningen (Swedish Farrier Association)

Swedish Farrier Association works to educate, maintain high standards and raise awareness of horse owners in terms of a good shoeing done and the importance of hiring a blacksmith who is trained and a member of the Swedish Farrier Association.


Australian Farriers & Blacksmiths Association

The AFBA promotes the profession and serves as a representative of farriery interests within the horse world. The AFBA actively monitors legislation and showing rules, and acts as an advocate of farriers in relations with veterinarians, breed and sport associations, and state and federal government agencies.

  • ADDRESS: 110 Harwoods Road
, Walloon, Queensland 4306 Australia
  • PHONE: 61 (0) 7-5464-8276
  • EMAIL: info@afba.org.au
  • WEB: www.afba.org.au

New Zealand

New Zealand Farriers Association

With members stretching the length and breadth of the country, the New Zealand Farriers Association aims to promote improved standards of hoof care and farriery for the ultimate welfare of the equine population in New Zealand.

  • ADDRESS: PO Box 214, Kumeu, Auckland, New Zealand
  • PHONE: 09 412 8145 (Julianne Bryant)
  •  EMAIL: J.JBryant@xtra.co.nz
  • WEB: www.nzfarriers.co.nz

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