9 Best Gooseneck Horse Trailers

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Horses are diverse, but horse trailer manufacturers offer various trailer makes and models to match up to this diversity. Every type of horse trailer is tailored to the needs of particular types of horses, so buyers are likely to come across several horse trailers that would work for their animals.

This post highlights one type of horse trailer and the best brands to deal in. One of the most trusted and purchased horse trailers is the gooseneck horse trailer. The following gooseneck horse trailer brands have thought of everything, ranging from design to configuration. They have excellent ratings and offer customer satisfaction.

Every brand has something unique to them. You can choose the trailers based on material, how the horses load, how you tow it and so on. You can choose accordingly based on how you use your trailers, as well, whether that's for competitions or camping and road trips. If you think you might relocate your farm at some point in the future, you should also check out our Farm Relocation Guide: Ensuring a Seamless Transition for Animals before making a final trailer choice. 

What are some of the best gooseneck horse trailers? Let's find out.

1. Double D Trailers

After a hard day of touring, there's nothing better than taking a restorative snooze. Double D's gooseneck horse trailers are second to none, with the ease of portable living quarters and the best horse safety features. With these trailers, you can rest easy knowing your horse is as safe as they can be.

2. Cimarron

One of the top horse trailer manufacturers is Cimarron Trailer Company. It adheres to the tenets of its motto: innovation, reputation and constant evolution.
Horse trailers and livestock trailers of the highest caliber are produced by Cimarron Trailers. Due to their robust and comfortable designs, both have garnered excellent reviews on the market.
We all know that aluminum trailers are lighter. Therefore, your truck will not be stressed. When properly maintained, these trailers also last a very long time.
Horse trailers for 2 to 8 horses are available in gooseneck, bumper draw and slant or straight load models.
Cimarron can securely transport your horses for business or leisure. Here are a few specific characteristics:
  • Winstar Gooseneck can accommodate 3, 4, 5, or 6 horses. Width 6'10.
  • Single rear gate
  • The side ramp is optional.
  • Built with unwavering integrity
  • Upgrades are fully adjustable, including hay room, outside color options and so on.
  • Capacity ranges from 2 to 11 horses.
The business, which has been around since 2000, runs out of a 90,000-square-foot facility and has 135 employees.

3. Featherlite Trailers

Iowa-based Featherlite stock trailers guarantee that they will securely transport your horses to the trails or competitions. In addition, their all-aluminum design guarantees longevity and safe and stable riding over the long term.
Featherlite offers 10-year structural guarantees on the majority of its trailers. The company, which has been in business for over 45 years, is well-liked among horse owners.
On many of the most recent Featherlite models, you also get a 3-year limited bumper-to-bumper warranty.
Choose from the bumper pull or gooseneck models, with options for living quarters, or have a trailer specially made for your requirements.
Features include:
  • Color may be changed, and graphics can be added
  • Tie rings can be added
  • Airflow dividers and several fans are available to keep your horses well-ventilated
  • Bottom wave panels made of aluminum
  • Elegant dual-sided sheets.
  • Easy-to-clean flooring
  • LED load lights and LED strips are integrated onto aerodynamic hay racks for greater visibility
  • Ramps on the back for easy loading
  • Saddle racks that are adjustable

4. Sundowner Trailer Corporation

Since Sundowner has been producing aluminum horse trailers for the past 45 years, you can consider them industry pioneers. They are renowned in particular for making fantastic horse trailers with living quarters.
Sundowner Trailer Corp is the one of the leading horse trailer manufacturers, producing both functional and luxurious trailers with living accommodations.
A large assortment of bumper, custom and gooseneck aluminum trailers are available. Gooseneck trailers come in nearly ten distinct variants, whereas bumper pull trailers come in eight. Some can transport ten horses. 
Sundowner is well known for offering a wide range of trailers for different needs, and the prices are reasonable.
The majority of trailers come with an 8-year warranty.

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5. Lakota Horse Trailers

Lakota prides themselves on being America's top supplier of cattle and horse trailers. They have more than 200 years of collective expertise in the field!
You can take a virtual 3D tour of Lakota's all-aluminum horse trailers if you go to their website. The following are some of their distinguishing characteristics:
  • There is a single factory where all trailers are made. The demands of different horse owners can be catered for more efficiently
  • The Company offers its customers fantastic post-purchase support
  • Their horse trailers with living quarters range in size from 7 to 19 feet

6. 4-Star Horse Trailers

Another well-known company is the 4-Star Trailer Company, which makes aluminum horse trailers in gooseneck and bumper styles.
The Oklahoma-based Company uses WERM horse trailer flooring to keep its equipment durable and straightforward to maintain. Even longer lasting than metal floors, this kind of horse trailer flooring (short for We Eliminate Rubber Mats) is simple to install.
Slant load trailers come in almost eight variations, straight load trailers in four and central load trailers in four.
You also have the option of customizing your skin color and images. As a fun fact, the National Barrel Horse Association has a 4-Star Trailer as its official trailer sponsor.

7. Shadow Horse Trailers

You may choose from a large selection of high-quality living quarters and goosenecks when you work with Shadow Trailers.
This company truly understands what horse owners want from trailers—it bills itself as a product "built by American horse people for the American horse population."
They improve their trailers on a regular basis while keeping the horses' comfort in mind.
As a result, some models have an extra-large rear tack area and broader windows for more air. Other options include a sliding mid-tack along with cutting-edge safety measures for the long drive.
Pan doors, windows, an interlocking metal floor, and a wholly insulated horse section with roof vents are all included in trailers as safety elements.
Its all-aluminium construction guarantees longevity and makes maintenance simple. Numerous trailer styles are available to suit all needs and budgets.

8. Kingstar Trailers

In Michigan, two brothers founded The Kingstar Company in 2018 in order to better serve the interests of both the horses and their owners.
Many novel design elements are available from this company, such as automated watering systems for horses and tastefully renovated and re-engineered hydraulic systems.
The gooseneck and bumper pull versions of Kingstar trailers accommodate 2, 3, or more horses.
For longer horse hauls or frequent trips, you may select luxurious interiors with amenities.
There are unique needs-specific LED lights, USB ports, hat racks and mirrors.

9. Logan Coach Trailers

The horse trailer manufacturer Logan Coach creates sophisticated trailer systems for transporting horses.
Built-to-last elite trailers are available for all price ranges, with simple lines and elegant style.
Features can include SureGrip self-draining permanent rubber floors, which keep horses safer from skidding.
The Trailer's appearance is easy to maintain, and the Vortex rubber covering is simple to clean and rust resistant.
You can choose from several options for slant load, straight load, stock and combination, along with options for living quarters.

Before You Buy

Consider the following factors before you buy your horse trailer.

How well-equipped is your towing vehicle? 

First, you must evaluate how much weight your current tow vehicle can safely pull if you intend to utilize it. To carry the weight securely, buying the trailer first and a new tow vehicle later can sometimes be ideal. If you're thinking of getting a new tow vehicle, visit How to Choose a Farrier Rig for additional advice. 

This, however, is not always achievable. If you have to stick with your present vehicle, check sure it has the higher tow rating standards needed for a gooseneck trailer.

Do you want to sleep in a horse trailer?

It can be tiring to spend hours or days at a horseshow. The functional area that extends over your truck bed is one of the main benefits of a gooseneck trailer. To save money on a motel, you may spend the night in this "gooseneck" area or take a quick power nap there. 

You can also forgo the tent and spend the night next to your horses when camping.

How many horses are you planning to haul? 

Knowing how many horses you will need to pull in your new trailer is critical. Behind a tow vehicle that is outfitted appropriately, a bumper pull horse trailer may be an excellent option for you if you need to move one or two horses. 

Explore gooseneck horse trailer choices if you find that you have more horses or tend to transport other people's horses, as well as your own.

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