The Best Racing Horse Breeds


As somebody interested in the world of horse racing, something you might want to know is what the best racing horse breeds are. Of course, there are dozens of different horse breeds out there, but not all of them are suited for racing. Today, we're going to take a closer look at several of the best racing horse breeds in the world, where they come from, and what makes them such ideal racehorses.

1. Thoroughbred

First, we have the thoroughbred, which is perhaps the best racing horse in the world, because they're known for their incredible agility and speed. They're also known for being extremely competitive and for having good endurance, which makes them ideal for both longer and shorter races. They excel at both speed and endurance racing.

Thoroughbreds were first created during the 17th century in England, when various Turkoman, Barb, and Arabian stallions were crossbred with native mares. They make for such great racehorses because they tend to have great cardiovascular endurance, which is because their hearts are relatively large, combined with muscular legs, lean bodies, and the ability to maintain long strides over great distances.

2. Arabian

Next on the list of the best racing horses is the Arabian, and this is one of the oldest horse breeds in the world. They originate from the Arabian Peninsula, and they have very distinct features, including a high tail carriage, large eyes, an arched neck, and a dished face.

Arabians are well suited for long distance racing, as they're well known for being durable and having great stamina. Their genetic makeup has been designed in such a way to allow for extremely efficient metabolism and high lung capacity, both of which are crucial for long distance marathons.

3. Standardbred

Often regarded as one of the best racing horses in the world is the standardbred, which were bred in the United States. They come from a variety of harness racing breeds, with thoroughbreds being a large part of the lineage.

They aren't quite as fine as thoroughbreds however and are a bit sturdier. They're very easy to manage and train, and their body structure allows them to be great at pacing and trotting, and therefore ideal for harness racing. They also have an extremely muscular build.

4. Quarter Horse

If it is a sprinting horse that you're looking for, then the quarter horse is one to consider. The quarter horse was bred from imported Spanish and English horses combined with Native American horses.

They have an extremely muscular build that allows them to be agile, combined with powerful hind legs, broad chest, and an overall compact body. This allows them to achieve great speeds over short distances, and are therefore preferred for quarter-mile races, which is where they get their name.

5. Andalusian

Although it's not the most common racehorse in the world, the Andalusian is a beautiful and strong horse with a compact body.

They're also known for being quite agile and intelligent. Although there are other horses more commonly used in racing, their temperament and body shape makes them ideal for demonstrations and agility competitions.

Interestingly enough is that these horses were first used as war horses, and then in dressage, which is because they look very graceful and are easy to train.

6. Akhal-Teke

The nomadic tribes of Turkmenistan bred the Akhal-Teke with the aim of creating a strong horse that could survive the harsh conditions of the country. Due to them being bred for endurance and strength, they are excellent at long distance endurance races. Something else that these horses are known for is their metallic sheen.

Jessica Wilkinson works as a horse trainer in Oklahoma where she has the pleasure of being around her equine friends every day. In addition to her passion for horses, she likes to write primarily as a means of helping others learn how to better take care of their horses.


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