Best Horseback Riding Near Stowe, VT

Stowe is a quaint town right in the heart of the Green Mountains. It's well known for its various outdoor activities and beautiful landscapes. One of the favorite things to do around Stowe Vt is to go horseback riding. In fact, there are many different stables and horse-riding locations available. What we're here to do today is to take a closer look at the best horse riding near Stowe Vt. Let's take a look at some of the best locations and why you might want to go there.

1. Lajoie Stables

Lajoie Stables is a relatively small and family owned business, a great location for horseback riding near Stowe. One of its big selling points is that the staff are all very knowledgeable and friendly, making it a fan favorite among visitors and locals alike.

There are many different horse-riding experiences available for all skill levels, from very short rides to longer and more challenging trails. There are plenty of breathtaking forests and open fields that these rides will take you through, all while providing you with a great view of the Green Mountains.

There are many different options available, including one-hour, two-hour, and half day rides, with each trail being selected to provide you with the best views possible. 

There are plenty of special events throughout the year, such as foliage rides in the fall and moonlit rides during warm summer nights. There are also a variety of riding lessons available here, so there’s no better time to get into the saddle than right now!

2. Topnotch Resort Equestrian Center

Located right in the heart of Stowe Vt, the Topnotch Resort Equestrian Center offers its guests a luxurious and high class horseriding experience. The Topnotch Resort is one of the most renowned vacation destinations in the area, quite the ritzy accommodation if we do say so ourselves. The center itself provides people with guided trail rides, pony rides for kids, and personalized riding lessons too.

There are many wooded trails around the resort that you can explore, all while being led by knowledgeable and friendly guides who ensure that you have an enjoyable and safe ride.

In case you are new to horseriding, there are also lessons for people of all skill levels that are taught by down-to-earth instructors. The lessons are actually customized for individual needs. For kids who need a bit of entertainment, there are always some great pony rides too. Keep in mind that this resort also has gourmet dining and spa treatments, among other great amenities.

3. Trapp Family Lodge

The Trapp Family Lodge is associated with the popular movie “Sound of Music”, and this massive 2500 acre resort provides its guests with a very variety of amenities, with horse riding of course being one of the main ones.

If you're looking to enjoy the Vermont countryside and take hold of some reigns, the guided horse trail rides for all skill levels are certainly something to consider. There is a huge trail system on the property with a whole lot of fantastic views of mountains and valleys alike.

If you want to learn how to ride a horse, there are also horse-riding lessons offered by experienced instructors. The lessons are both enjoyable and educational, so everybody has a positive experience. There are also a variety of special equestrian events hosted throughout the year, such as themed rides and riding clinics.

4. Mountain View Ranch

Located in Danby Vermont, the Mountain View Ranch is set in one of the most beautiful locations you could ever imagine. There are large open meadows and lush forests alike that you can go horse riding through to see all of the most stunning sights.

There are a variety of guided trail rides available, with both shorter and longer excursions. This ranch also has many different riding lessons available for riders of all skill levels and ages. It's all about providing beginners with a friendly environment that helps to build confidence.

However, if you're looking for a bit of a more intimate ride, there are private rides available, and they can even be personalized and customized to suit your needs. This location is also known for having some of the most well-trained horses out there.

5. Ira Allen House

Located in Arlington Vermont, which isn't the closest to Stowe Vt, the Ira Allen House is renowned for its amazing horse-riding experiences. There's a bit of a distance between it and Stowe, although it's very popular, and for good reason.

The reason for this is because the trails available around this location are some of the most serene and quietest around. It's how you get away from the hustle and bustle that is everyday life, so you can enjoy tranquility at its finest.

It's not the most affordable location to go horseback riding either, but the fact is that all rides are personalized. Each ride is designed specifically for the participant in question, so everybody has fun and can remain safe. 

What's also interesting to note is that the Ira Allen House is one of Vermont’s very oldest inns, making it an ideal location for those who are interested in a bit of history along with their horse-riding endeavors.

6. Stowe Mountain Ranch

The Stowe Mountain Ranch is one of the most unique locations on the list today. The reason for this is because it offers a combination of yoga retreats and horse-riding experiences. For anybody who wants to relax both the mind and body, it's a great location to try.

Specifically, the horse riding trails you have access to will provide you with some of the best views of Mount Mansfield and the area around it. The holistic experience you get from combining yoga and horse riding should help heal your soul and let your body relax.

There are plenty of guided horse-riding trails in the area, where experts show you all of the best sites. There are even many personalized riding experiences, so that each guest can have an enjoyable time. Whether you're experienced or a total beginner, there is something for everyone here.

7. Gentle Giants Sleigh and Carriage Rides

Although not your typical horse-riding experience where you sit on the back of the horse, here you get to enjoy horses from a little bit further behind. With Gentle Giants Sleigh and Carriage Rides, you get a relaxing experience as you are gently pulled behind a carriage or sleigh, depending on the season.

During the summer, you can go for carriage rides that take you along all of the most beautiful locations that the area has to offer. For an extra price, the rides can be personalized so you can stop at scenic viewpoints and local attractions.

During the winter, you can enjoy the beauty that is the massive snowfall Vermont sees each year by riding in an exquisite carriage. The draft horses you'll see here are like none other. They’re huge, they're friendly, and they're always a main attraction.

Jessica Wilkinson works as a horse trainer in Oklahoma where she has the pleasure of being around her equine friends every day. In addition to her passion for horses, she likes to write primarily as a means of helping others learn how to better take care of their horses.


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