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Use The Farrier Guide’s Education Guide to learn about horseshoeing schools, courses, apprenticeships and training. The guide will assist you in discovering whether farriery is right for you, how to choose the right school as well as exploring alternative training options.



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  1. My daughter is currently 15 and has just started her GCSE’s but she doesnt leave school for another year in July 2017. We are currently living in Ruislip which is Middlesex ( near heathrow) but we have sold the house which is part of our “get out plan” and will be moving to Devon as soon as her exams are over in summer 2017. She rides and jumps a strong 17hh horse. She is 5ft.10 and still growing…She is strong and enjoys lots of sport. Her fitness & strength I think has built up over the years of mucking out and cleaning yards at a local stables. If there is a tricky horse that needs sorting they give it to Lilly…. She is well respected there and is often in charge of other stable yard helpers.
    We need to find a course or apprenticeship where she can learn a trade. She is studing Resistant Materials, Business Studies and advanced PE at school She is good at maths & physics.
    She is top/fastest rower in school, enjoys amature boxing, can snow board, ride & jump, and is an experience road cyclist and has competed in the tour of britain cycle ride twice, she also enjoys lots of other sports like rounders, football and rugby.
    I would appreciate any guidance you can offer us.
    Carol Cochrane

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